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Eleanor was my soul-mate, best friend, and the first love of my life. The most beautiful soul, who taught me so much during our time together.


Although my focus over the years has been strictly Graphic Design, I have had the ability to indulge in other areas I am passionate about, allowing me to offer more services in other areas I love.

I am an individual who is eager to please her clients, plus allowing myself to develop and learn with each new opportunity that is presented.


A hard-working nature paired with a detail-oriented work ethic is a force to be reckoned with.


My mission is to not only create high-quality work for my clients but be their advocates from start to finish.

Whether your company requests a friendly conversation, a refresh of some branding, a facelift of a website, I am there for you - from the moment you contact me, I am your support system.


Eleanor comes from the Greek meaning for bright and shining one - so let me take on that role on for you.


Located in North-Western Ontario.

Having recently moved to our dream farm property in Flesherton, ON has given me the opportunity to expand my services even further. I am extremely grateful to those I have been able to meet, and look forward to the relationships I will get to create in the future.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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